Fly Fishing In Utah Review

Fly Fishing In Utah Review

Written by: Natalie Graumann (picture of Kyle and Natalie above)

While vacationing in Utah, fishing with Utah Pro Fly Fishing’s Justin Harding was by far our favorite experience. Justin provided all the rods, flies, boots and waders needed to get us going, and within the hour we were standing in a serene, isolated spot on the Provo River catching fish. Neither my husband nor I had any fly fishing experience and would have been overly excited by even one small catch, but Justin’s knowledge, patience, and amazing ability to teach and guide led to much more.

Between the two of us, we caught twelve fish in just a few hours. When the fish weren’t biting, Justin was switching spots and changing flies, a learning experience in itself. He overturned rocks and showed us the insects the fish were eating that day in that location and how the flies we were using were almost exact replicas.  Justin provided the methods behind the madness so that changing flies, adjusting technique, and moving locations made sense.

As the morning went, Justin made suggestions on how to cast, mend and set with greater skill, and steadily we caught larger fish. His enthusiasm for fishing and nature as a whole is infectious, his knowledge about the river, its fish and other wildlife seems to have immeasurable depth, and his ability to teach makes learning to fly fish a relaxing, peaceful, almost effortless experience. Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time. Don’t even consider booking just half a day, it’s not near enough. On our next visit to Utah, we’ll book two.

Kyle and Natalie Graumann

Thanks Kyle and Natalie for letting us be your Utah Fly Fishing Guide!

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